Western Systems Enhances Denver’s Smart City Initiative with Advanced Equipment and Innovation

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Denver, Colorado – Mar 21, 2024 – Western Systems, a leading provider of customized and innovative traffic management solutions, is proud to announce a strategic collaboration with the City and County of Denver to advance urban mobility as part of the Denver Smart City Program.

Denver Smart City Program

Inspired by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Smart City Challenge, Denver’s Smart City Program embodies a commitmentdenversmartcitylogo to sustainability, connected mobility, and innovative partnerships. Western Systems’ cutting-edge P PLUS cabinet with Integrated Battery Backup System (BBS) perfectly aligns with the program’s objectives, contributing to enhanced safety, sustainability, and connectivity in the city.

Denver, known for its progressive approach to innovation rooted in its pioneering spirit, faces increasing demands for efficient traffic management solutions to address congestion, enhance safety, and reduce environmental impact. Western Systems’ P PLUS cabinet with Integrated Battery Backup System (BBS) optimizes space and accessibility within traffic cabinets, addressing immediate challenges while supporting Denver Smart City’s long-term goals of sustainability and safety.

Denver’s Traffic Challenges

The city aimed to find ways to keep intersections functional during power disruptions like rolling blackouts, Utility Public Safety Planned Shutdowns (PSPS), and severe weather, all while prioritizing road user safety and the accessibility of BBS equipment. They sought a fresh perspective on cabinet design to support the community’s growth and evolving needs.

Furthermore, Denver encounters growing pressures for effective traffic management solutions to tackle congestion, bolster safety measures, and mitigate environmental effects.

Western System’s Unique and Innovative Solution

In response to Denver’s requirements, Western Systems introduced the innovative P Plus cabinet with an Integrated Battery Backup System (BBS) solution, designed to optimize space and accessibility within traffic cabinets. This solution effectively addresses Denver’s current challenges by improving efficiency during power outages and BBS maintenance, while also aligning with the long-term sustainability and safety objectives of Denver Smart City initiatives.

The specialized solution’s impact on Denver’s operational efficacy:

  • The P Plus cabinet seamlessly integrates Traffic Signal Control and Battery Backup System, maximizing efficiency and space utilization.
  • Its ergonomic design facilitates straightforward maintenance and accessibility for traffic engineers, ensuring the effective utilization of BBS equipment and enhancing mobility across the city’s road network.
  • This solution is scalable and adaptable to future mobility needs.
  • During power outages, the solution ensures sustainability and safety for drivers and vulnerable road users, bolstering the city’s overall resilience in traffic management.
  • By providing resources and space for upgrades, it enables advanced connectivity and data management, further supporting Denver Smart City’s data-driven initiatives and fostering innovation in traffic management technologies.

Innovative P PLUS Cabinet Solution Effectively Addresses Both Long-Term and Short-Term Urban Challenges

P+The unique approach of Western Systems’ innovative solution includes the integration of Traffic Signal Control and Battery Backup System, accommodating up to 16 load-bays and 64 detection channels for scalability and adaptability to future needs. Additionally, the Remote Network Unit enables advanced connectivity and data management, supporting Denver Smart City’s data-driven initiatives.

Installation of 11 P PLUS cabinets is underway, with Western Systems’ Senior Vice President Zach Hoiting coordinating closely with Denver officials to ensure timely deployment in alignment with The City and County  of Denver objectives. This collaboration not only promotes sustainability, safety, and connectivity but also offers cost-effective solutions through efficient space utilization and reduced maintenance costs.

Strategic Partnership to Enhance Urban Mobility

Denver’s Smart City Program encompasses various initiatives aimed at transforming urban mobility, enhancing public services, and fostering Sustainability, including Connected Mobility, Healthy Places & People, Living Labs, and Data Management. Western Systems collaborates closely with the City and County of Denver to align its solutions with Denver Smart City’s goals and drive impactful outcomes for the community.

“The City and County of Denver is dedicated to harnessing the power of technology to create a more sustainable and efficient urban environment,” Brent L. Thomas, DOTI CA2750 Manager. “Our partnership with Western Systems exemplifies our commitment to innovation and collaboration. Together, we’re implementing solutions that address rising urban challenges while improving the quality of life for our residents.”

“Customized, innovative, and sustainability and safety-oriented solutions are at the heart of everything we do at Western Systems,” says Zach Hoiting, Senior Vice President at Western Systems. “Our partnership with the City and County of Denver represents a significant milestone in our commitment to revolutionizing urban mobility. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and tailored solutions, we’re driving positive change that directly benefits the community.”


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