Western Systems ATC Plus

State-of-the-Art Traffic Management

The Western Systems ATC Plus series of cabinets are the latest development in the newly released ITS v2 cabinet standards. Designed in compliance with the latest ITS v2 standard, ATC 5301 v02, the Western Systems ATC Plus incorporates design elements focused on reliability, expandability, ease of maintenance and value. The Western Systems ATC Plus series can be configured in a multitude of cabinet enclosure types, including 350, 352, 356.

Western Systems ATC Plus series of cabinets improve upon the common ATC cabinet by being specifically designed for reliability and efficient space utilization, further enhancing the already robust offerings of the typical ATC cabinet. Using Western Systems 20+ years of experience in
the traffic signal industry, the design of the ATC Plus cabinet was specifically targeted to reduce common failure points within the typical traffic signal cabinet, and while providing easy access to serviceable items for technicians.

The compact nature of the Western Systems ATC Plus architecture, the cabinet layout is further improved over common ATC types allowing for even more space within a cabinet than is typically expected. This increased space allows more room for the expansion needs of any agency, providing plenty of room for ethernet switches, analytical devices battery backup equipment, accessible pedestrian equipment, CCTV equipment, video detection interface panels, etc.

Key Features

  • Decreased cabinet size due to high density load switches and half-width pluggable devices such as detectors and SIUs
  • Compatibility with newer generation of LED signals that operate with very low power consumption
  • Integrated support for 48VDC operation
  • ATC cabinets can support up to 120 detector channels and can be expanded to as many as 32 output channels
  • Native support for 48VDC operation, build intersections utilizing ELV (Extra Low Voltage) operation, substantially reducing electrical hazards

Downloads / Cut Sheets

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