Yutraffic studio

Connect systems and data to optimize traffic flow

Yutraffic Studio’s next generation platform was developed to face the challenges all cities – whether big or small are up against. A Smart City needs a system that enables traffic management that responds to issues quickly, effectively, reliably, and safely. Yutraffic Studio does just that and is accompanied by high quality performance in planning, monitoring, managing, and optimizing cities from anywhere in the world.

Key Features and Benefits

Customer-Inspired Design:

  • Developed after extensive conversations with current and potential customers.
  • Incorporates lessons learned in the field and addresses daily needs of traffic management professionals.

Cloud-Based Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS):

  • One of the most advanced cloud-based ATMS on the market.
  • Provides high-quality planning, monitoring, and optimization tools for managing traffic issues effectively.

Comprehensive Data Ingestion:

  • Ingests massive amounts of local and third-party data.
  • Utilizes real-time data from connected vehicles, offering a comprehensive and reliable source of timely information.

Digital Twin and Predictive Capabilities:

  • Offers digital twin capabilities for a virtual representation of traffic scenarios.
  • Predictive capabilities available with Yutraffic Insights’ intersection optimization analytics and Aimsun’s simulation and predictive forecasting engine.

Global Mobility Perspective:

  • Looks at mobility through an entirely new lens based on global insights.
  • Addresses various modes of mobility, including traditional vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, and transit.

Software as a Service (SaaS) Model:

  • Offered as a SaaS solution, ensuring future-proofing for customers.
  • Modular platform allows agencies to add monitoring or analysis capabilities as needed.


  • Highly scalable solution suitable for both small and large agencies.
  • Accommodates the expansion of networks as transportation technology and local needs evolve.

Cybersecurity Protection:

  • Next-level security protection with dual authentication protocols.
  • Ensures sophisticated cybersecurity measures to safeguard against potential threats.

Remote Accessibility:

  • Allows traffic managers to access the platform from desktops at a traffic management center or remotely through devices like iPads.

Upgrade Path for Existing Customers:

  • Existing Yunex Traffic ATMS customers have a direct upgrade path to transition to Yutraffic Studio.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to supporting and evolving with the needs of current clients.

Continual Customer Input:

  • Ongoing engagement with clients to gather input and ensure that Yutraffic Studio continues to evolve based on customer needs.
  • Incorporates lessons learned as a continuous process, emphasizing a customer-centric approach.

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