Case Study: Installing a Custom Flashing LED Stop Sign

Western Systems partnered with Sammamish, WA, to increase driver stop sign compliance.

About Application

Background: A busy residential 3 way stop in Sammamish, WA

Sammamish, Washington, sits just east of Seattle and has a population of 65,000 residents.  This suburb community is located on a plateau and is bordered by Lake Sammamish to the west and Snoqualmie valley to the east.

Similar to many communities that surround Seattle, Sammamish has seen steady growth over the last few years. New housing developments, businesses and retail stores have been added, creating more and more traffic on their roadways.

In a residential part of the City, a busy 3-way stop was generating complaints from the community as some drivers were ignoring the stop signs, in addition to driving on to a resident’s personal property.

The Challenge: Dense Tree Cover and No Readily Available AC Power

The location of this 3-way stop is in an area with dense tree cover and without easily accessible AC power.  To increase driver compliance rates at the stop signs, LED lights would be needed to increase visibility; however, power would be needed.

Without electrical infrastructure onsite, adding AC power would require trenching – costing the city time and money. In addition to the power challenges, the City wanted a lighting solution that only flashed when activated by vehicles.

The Solution: Western Systems Provides a Flashing LED Sign Activated by Radar

Western Systems worked with the City and our partner, Carmanah to perform a comprehensive site assessment.

For the assessment, Carmanah’s complimentary Energy Balance Report was used. This report uses the sign’s location, solar data and weather information to determine the sun’s path and anything that might obstruct it.

After the site assessment, it was determined that Carmanah’s solar-powered R247-F LED Enhanced Stop Sign would be the best solution.

In addition to the new sign, Western Systems worked with the City to provide a custom radar solution that activates the stop signs flashing lights only when vehicles are approaching.

Outcome: Increased Driver Awareness and No Citizen Complaints

The comprehensive site assessment provided the City with a detailed plan for the project. Being able to use solar power for the new flashing signs made the installation quick and straightforward – saving time and money.

“Since the installation, there haven’t been any citizen complaints. Said Melissa Lucas, Senior Traffic Technician, City of Sammamish. The new flashing LED signs have increased driver awareness and stop sign compliance, creating a safer and more efficient community.”

With the installation taking place in a residential area, having the stop sign flash 24/7 wasn’t needed, as traffic is light during nights and weekends.  The radar-activated lights have helped conserve power while reducing unnecessary flashing for the residents nearby.

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