TACTICS Advanced Traffic Management for Today’s Smart Cities

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In today’s technologically advanced world, traffic management should be easy. Monitoring and adjusting traffic signals should no longer be a manual, onsite process. Instead, your agency should have a big picture insight to your traffic system from one dashboard and be able to configure traffic flow as needed from one central place.

TACTICS by Yunex Traffic, makes this a reality. The TACTICS traffic management solution is designed to make monitoring traffic, analyzing traffic data and responding to real-time traffic needs easy.

In a past webinar, Kai Antrim, Territory Manager at Western Systems, and John Brannon, Director of Service at Western Systems, explained the capabilities of TACTICS and the benefits of integrating this traffic management solution into your traffic control practices.

What is TACTICS?

TACTICS is a traffic management system that provides a connected network for your traffic signal communications. Yunex Traffic TACTICS supports remote network management so that your team can manage individual intersections and coordinated zones all from one central place.

What Can TACTICS Do?

TACTICS complies with industry standards to deliver a modular, full-featured traffic management tool that’s powerful, reliable, scalable and easy to use. TACTICS features a modern user interface that allows users to:

  • Manage on-street traffic equipment through a central user interface
  • Monitor system status through a summary dashboard
  • Configure devices remotely
  • Streamline configuration download/upload powered by YAML technology
  • Download controller software to field devices remotely
  • Strategize how to react to pre-defined events automatically
  • Search quickly and filter information easily throughout the system
  • Manage intersections rapidly through the map view
  • Analyze traffic data by creating diagrams and running reports
  • Group controllers independent of signal control grouping


With TACTICS, your team can create a central base for managing traffic across all intersections and safety zones. But TACTICS doesn’t stop there. From easy installation and seamless integration to simplified trigger creation and accessible data reporting, TACTICS provides an experience that works for your traffic management needs.

Seamless Integration

TACTICS is designed to be compatible with all software versions of SEPAC, including full support to the latest Yunex Traffic SEPAC 5 traffic controller software. Siemen’s traffic management system is NTCIP compatible and openly shares MIBs.

Flexible & Scalable

TACTICS can support all traffic management needs, from small cities to large regions. Through its modular approach, this flexible solution can be tailored to fit the needs of your specific traffic system. As your traffic system grows in size and demand, TACTICS can scale to the next level by supporting more functions and more devices in the field where needed.

Stronger Traffic Data Reporting

TACTICS features an intuitive, customizable graphical user interface intended for the analytical user. With this solution, users can access summarized system dashboards and detailed traffic intersection information that reports on splits, phase status and termination reasons. Additional traffic analytical tools within TACTICS provide user insight through split monitoring, intersection diagrams and time-space diagrams.

SEPAC Front Panel Access

Users can view the front panel screen of a controller running SEPAC directly within TACTICS when accessed by a tablet or a laptop. In TACTICS, a user can navigate to an intersection and select the front panel button in order to bring up the SEPAC front panel display. Having remote access to front panel display means having full and instant control over your controller so that your team can apply immediate data changes from a central place.

More Resilient Automated Traffic Control with Quick Response

Through the Quick Response module, TACTICS supports the creation and management of triggers and actions for pre-defined events. By applying these configurable responses, you add a level of automation to your system that can aid your team during planned and unforeseen situations.

Easy Installation

The completely redesigned installer within the latest TACTICS features a simplified user interface so that engineers can install and upgrade TACTICS onto servers, standalone systems and workstations as easily as a few clicks. TACTICS does not have to be reinstalled when patch updates are deployed, cutting down on deployment times and faster system integration with new features as they become available.

Get a Free Demo of TACTICS

Western Systems can provide your team the support you need to integrate TACTICS within your traffic system. We can review your current traffic system setup to assure you that SEPAC and TACTICS software are compatible with your traffic system as well as perform system health checks.

Western Systems can also help you with all SEPAC and TACTICS updates and upgrades as they become available. In addition, our world-class technical support team offers assistance for all your traffic control products and solutions needs, be it by phone, email or online webinars as well as optional onsite field services.

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