Rugged Communications for Intelligent Transportation Systems

Freezing temperatures, sweltering heat, high humidity, strong winds, monsoon rain—these you can expect to happen. When it does, what you shouldn’t expect is a drop in traffic data communication.

You need your equipment to be as tough as your environment. When the climate conditions of your community call for rugged communication solutions, you can find the support you need for your transportation network with RUGGEDCOM.

In a recent webinar, Curtis Daly, Regional Sales Manager, discussed how Yunex Traffic’ RUGGEDCOM products are designed to deliver fast, reliable data communication for all your traffic management needs, no matter the circumstance or the intensity of your environment.

The RUGGEDCOM Difference

Yunex Traffic’ RUGGEDCOM products not only meet and exceed recognized industry standards for performance in mission-critical applications. They are designed, tested and proven to perform under the harshest environments, from the scorching desert heat of California to the frigid winter temperatures in Idaho and Nebraska.

All RUGGEDCOM products are put to the test so that you can always count on fast, reliable communication, no matter the weather or environmental conditions.

  • Proven Reliability: All RUGGEDCOM products undergo Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) during early development stages to detect any design or performance issues, then Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) to ensure that your orders are free of manufacturing defects.
  • High Immunity: Expect your RUGGEDCOM product to perform at a level of immunity to electromagnetic interference (EMI) that exceeds other commercial-grade networking products on the market, all without any communication loss or delays.
  • Trusted Security: Upgrade to advanced cybersecurity measures with multilevel user passwords, RADIUS centralized password management, SSH/SSL for 128-bit encryption, enable/disable ports, MAC-based port security and SNMPv3 authentication.

RUGGEDCOM for Traffic Signal Connectivity

A reliable end-to-end communications network is no longer a nice-to-have—it’s a must for monitoring and managing the increasing complexity of transportation infrastructures. With RUGGEDCOM products, your team can locate stalled vehicles, connect drivers to important road conditions and synchronize traffic lights to keep vehicles moving.

With Ethernet over VDSL (EoVDSL) technology, RUGGEDCOM products like the RUGGEDCOM RSG920P are highly compatible with your existing copper cabling, allowing you to minimize deployment costs. Device connectivity is simplified because of compact, fiber optic switches with Power over Ethernet (POE). And RUGGEDCOM products like the RUGGEDCOM RSG910C always deliver sufficient bandwidth, whether your team wants to implement adaptive algorithms or stream traffic management video.

RUGGEDCOM for Private Wireless Broadband

Coverage is a big problem in many communities, especially cities that expand across a large area or towns with poor line of sight. RUGGEDCOM’s end-to-end solutions can still deliver secure wireless broadband coverage for mobile and stationary applications, no matter the land size or landscape.

Your team can eliminate the need for extensive communication infrastructures with compact, powerful cellular routers like the RUGGEDCOM RX1400 designed to support Ethernet switching, wireless LAN and firewall functionality. Extend existing network coverage with the RUGGEDCOM RM1224 that can deliver data communication even in the most remote areas.

RUGGEDCOM for Active Traffic Management & Open Road Tolling

Reliable network solutions need to cover hundreds of miles and enable traffic engineers to proactively manage traffic headaches. RUGGEDCOM products support high capacity, long haul fiber optics so that your team can connect to various message signs, CCTV, vehicle sensors and edge computing. And RUGGEDCOM products like the RUGGEDCOM RX1400 support onsite license plate recognition featuring remote software calculations for more accurate readings.

Case Study: City of Bellevue, WA

The city had a plan, the resources and a vision to have applications in place that connect emergency services and local businesses as well as light rail transportation, bus transportation and all traffic operations.

What they needed to deploy is a 10 Gigabit switch. What they didn’t have was copper or fiber optic cable connectivity.

They needed a switch that could handle wireless data communication across 230 intersections. They tested switch after switch with failing results in the field. Western Systems and Yunex Traffic sent over a demo unit of the RUGGEDCOM RST2228P for the team to try—and it worked. With their detailed traffic communication plan and RUGGEDCOM products, the City of Bellevue was able to exceed their goal in implementing enhanced connectivity across their community.

Western Systems is proud to partner with Yunex Traffic RUGGEDCOM as they share our commitment to provide quality and reliable end-to-end communications designed to improve traffic and safety. Contact us if you have any questions regarding RUGGEDCOM products and solutions. Our world-class technical support team can help you with your traffic communication needs by phone, email and online webinars as well as optional onsite field services.