Western Systems Provides Custom Traffic Signal Cabinets for Safe and Smart Intersections

Western Systems is partnering with the City of San Gabriel, California, to provide 352 ATC Traffic Cabinets.

San Gabriel, CA (Sept. 22) — Western Systems, a leader in the traffic management industry, is partnering with the City of San Gabriel, California, to upgrade 30 intersections with new 352 ATC cabinets with built-in battery backup.

“Western Systems is excited to provide the City of San Gabriel the latest in ATC traffic cabinet technology,” Zach Hoiting, Sales Manager, Western Systems. “The ATC cabinet will provide the City of San Gabriel a move into future innovation and technology, enabling the city to grow and adapt to its future needs.”

 Western Systems and Mobotrex, will provide the 30 fully furnished ATC cabinets to the City. Westerns Systems has more than 20 years of experience manufacturing and designing cabinets for agencies across the Western U.S.

Powering the cabinet will be Yunex Traffic (a Siemens Mobility Company) 2070LX ATC Controllers.  The Yunex 2070LX comes with the power of Linux, which will allow the City to expand its capabilities to increase functionality at its intersections.

The 30 new ATC cabinets will have built-in battery backup from Alpha providing much-needed uninterrupted backup power to each intersection during planned and unplanned power outages. The new systems will feature Alpha’s FXM1100 inverter.

Western systems will be providing manufacturing, design and engineering services, products, and installation support for this project, set to kick off this fall.